Meal Prep


How Avocado.’s In-Home Meal Prep Service Works:

Choose your meals. Choose 4, 5, or 6 meals from the menu below. Each meal contains 4 generous servings, and are packed in your own reusable containers. (If you don’t have containers, we will purchase some at an additional cost.) We can customize menu selections according to your likes and dislikes as well as seasonal variations and chef inspiration.

Sit back and relax! We shop for ingredients the morning of a cook day so everything is fresh! All meals are prepared in your own kitchen. All I will need is some clear counter space, a working stove/oven, and room in the fridge to store your prepared meals. Should you require me to purchase reusable meal containers, please add $20 for BPA-free plastic or $40 for glass to your order.

There is no need for you to do anything – I will cook, tidy up, and stock your refrigerator full of delicious meals in about 2-3 hours!

Eat. Get ready for some great food! If food needs heating, instructions will be provided. Each meal keeps 4-5 days in the fridge (some, like chili, may be freezable).


World Flavors

Quinoa Enchilada Bake / black beans, corn, mild green chilis, tomato

Jambalaya 🌶

Haitian Rice & Beans / pintos, onion, coconut milk 😊

Cajun Red Beans and Rice 🌶 😊

Kale Kushari Bowls / classic kushari mix, chickpeas, kalamatas, pickled veg 💓

Korean Spicy Slaw / two cabbages, red bell, green onion, gochuang dressing ✨🌶

Moroccan Veggie Stew/ eggplant, chickpeas, parsnips, cauliflower 😊

Mexican Stuffed Pepper Casserole / black beans, sweet potato, corn 😊 💓

Penne Puttanesca  / kalamatas, cherry toms, capers, garlic🌶 (GF available)

Trinidadian Chana Masala 🌶 😊

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls / rice-paper wrapped, stuffed with fresh veggies and herbs ✨💓



BLT  Pasta Salad /   bakon, sundried tomatoes, creamy dressing, arugula (GF available)

Cauliflower Tabbouleh / cukes, mint, tomatoes, parsley ✨😊 (raw vegan)

Classic Deli Potato

Classic Deli Macaroni / relish, carrots, green onion, dab of horseradish, vegenaise ( GF available )

Classic Deli “Egg” / tofu, pickle relish, dijon, Vegenaise, chives

Classic Southern Cole Slaw

Crunchy Thai Quinoa & Cabbage

Fattoush / assorted veggies, cherry toms, radish, cukes, toasted pita (GF available) 

Grilled Vegetable Salad / lemon basil vinaigrette

Hawaiian-Style Macaroni / white & green onion, pineapple, vegenaise (GF available)

Italian Chopped / chickpeas, radicchio, kalamatas, basil, romaine or iceberg 

Italian Grinder Pasta Salad / green olives, cukes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, vegan salami  (GF available)

Kale Caesar / capers, shallots, croutons, vegan caesar dressing  

Mama’s Simple Pasta Salad / just like my mom used to make! shell pasta, red onion, celery, red bell pepper

Mexican Street Corn Salad / bell peppers, onion, vegan cheez, Vegenaise 💓

Six Bean Salad / greek vinaigrette, green onion  

Southern Cracker Tomato Salad / mixed fresh tomatoes, green onions, vegenaise, saltines 


Comfort Classics

‘Beyond’ Meatloaf with Tomato Glaze / your choice of side, potatoes, rice, or veggies 😊

Cheezy White Bean Tomato Bake / spinach, san marzanos 😊

Cosmically Good Veggie & 4 Bean Chili / mild or spicy 😊

Green Gumbo / okra, collards, black-eyeds, chard, green bell pepper  😊

Honey’s Slightly Chaotic Curry / lentil, chickpeas, mild curry powder, chopped garden veggies 😊

Lentil Sloppy Joes / mild sloppy tomato sauce, just add your favorite buns and toppings

“Nashville Hot” Curried Cauliflower / coconut milk, white onion, black eyed peas ✨🌶 💓

Tofu Veggie Scramble / mixed veggies 😊

Roasted Mixed Veggie Couscous (sub quinoa for GF) / lemon, tahini drizzle, roasted veg 😊💓

Rustic Italian Vegetable Bake / cannellini beans, herbs, zucchini 😊

Scalloped Cheezy Tomato Bake  / a vintage Tampa recipe! 💓

(Chef’s Seasonal Choice) SOUP OF THE MONTH FOR May: Tequila-Lime Chickpea 💓

Stuffed Bell Peppers / brown rice, herbs, seasoned chickpeas, tahini or herbed drizzle  😊

Tex-Mex Black Eyed Pea Casserole 😊


Scratch-Made Add-Ons (All items made by Chef Kristi to keep on hand for the week)

Vegan Lunch Meat Slices (Turky or Pastrami style) – $15/lb (made with seitan/not GF)

Vegan Sausage (Choose Pepperoni/Chorizo/English Banger Style)  – $15 for two large sausages (made with seitan/ not GF)

Tempeh Bacon (our homemade recipe, great for sandwiches or brunch) $10/8 oz 😊

Quart of Vegan Gravy  – $8 (chikn or be’f flavored)

Baked Potatoes (Russet or Sweet)  – $2 each (great to keep on hand for a healthy snack or light lunch!) 😊

Bliss Balls (healthy raw vegan energy snack bites, choose coconut, chocolate brownie or lemon-turmeric) –  6 for $6

Awakened Bean Coffee (locally, freshly roasted in St. Petersburg) $18 per 13 oz bag (select whole bean or ground)

💓=  seasonal specialty dish

✨ = new menu item

🌶 = spicy

😊 = gluten-free


Please specify if your menu must be vegan or vegetarian. For a raw vegan menu, contact Chef Kristi. Most meals can be adapted for Gluten-Free – just ask!

All meals and add-ons are scratch-made by Chef Kristi and stored in your fridge to enjoy at your leisure.

Should you require Chef to purchase reusable meal containers, please add $20 for BPA-free plastic or $40 for glass to your order.

4 meals = $190 plus the price of groceries  (feeds a couple for 4 days or a single person 6 days)

5 meals = $220 plus the price of groceries (feeds a couple for 5 days or a single person 7 days)

6 meals = $240 plus the price of groceries  (feeds a couple for 6 days or a single person 8 days)

Need meal prep in smaller or larger quantities? Contact Chef Kristi at for a customized meal plan. We are glad to offer a trial run for a one-time introductory price.

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